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Employee Health Plan Options

When you give your employees the Voyage DPC benefit, you’re giving them white-glove medical care at dramatic cost savings for you and for them.

Our friendly physicians and staff make it easy to go to the doctor, increase clinic utilization, and result in a healthier and more productive team to grow your business.

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All memberships include

Near-site clinics

Voyage DPC members and their families can schedule same-day or next-day appointments to see their providers during regular business hours at our clinics in Orem or Mapleton. Expanded location options coming soon. No co-pays. Average visit time is 30 minutes.


Voyage DPC members and their families can access their providers via phone call, text, or video chat—even after hours or on weekends if needed. Providers can consult on medical issues, answer questions, and order prescriptions and labs.

Discounted labs and imaging

Voyage DPC offers its members at-cost pricing on blood tests and discounted cash pricing on x-rays, MRIs, CT scans, and pathology.

House calls

When Voyage DPC members have an unusual medical need (stitches, bone fractures, etc.), our providers are happy to make house calls when necessary (travel fee of $125).

Medical advocacy

Voyage DPC physicians can consult with sub-specialists on behalf of our members so they get the best care based on their needs.

Large organizations can add

On-site visits

Voyage DPC can schedule regular visits to your worksite, adding to your employees’ convenience and improving their health and productivity.

Health & fitness assessment

Voyage DPC providers come to you. Assessments can include heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, triglycerides, blood glucose, body mass index, flexibility, strength testing, cardiovascular endurance, and osteopathic evaluation.

Workers compensation

A Voyage DPC provider can come to your worksite to assess and/or treat issues before any claims are filed.

Quarterly activities & lectures

We arrange classes at your worksite on a variety of health topics to keep your employees healthier and on track with their wellness goals.

Wrap-around coverage


Let our business specialist team help you and your employees find the best and most affordable catastrophic coverage to pair with their Voyage DPC memberships.

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