The Voyage DPC Difference

Over the course of my career, I’ve noticed that insurance and the government continue to add barriers, complexities and cost to the delivery of healthcare to families. Not surprisingly, as complexities increase, my ability to spend time with my patients has decreased. This situation has prompted me to offer families a new model of care called direct family medicine. I created Voyage Direct Primary Care as a way to “cut out the middle-man” and allow me to care for people directly, without the barriers of the current model.

When you join Voyage DPC, you can wave goodbye to co-pays, co-insurances, and high deductibles. You won’t have to wonder if medications, labs, or procedures will be “covered,” or how much they’ll cost. Whether you’re a young family or a seasoned veteran your care and savings will improve with Voyage DPC.

Let’s enjoy the journey!

– Dr. Sanders

John Sanders, D.O.

Family Physician / Founder

What is Direct Primary Care?

“Direct Primary Care physicians do not contract with insurance companies, but directly with patients. We provide comprehensive care at affordable prices with unprecedented access for patients.” – Dr. Molly Rutherford

Healthcare Dilemma


Insurance prices as well as physician and hospital prices continue to escalate.


At the office visits or hospital visits there’s confusion as to what is actually going to be covered and what will be paid out of pocket by the patient.


Compromises in care include availability of the physician to see patients or to talk to them directly. As well as the time allotted to see patients and actually address their medical problems.


  • Extended, relaxed visits.
  • No limits to frequency of visits.
  • Comprehensive care for the entire family.
  • Free urgent visits.
  • Handle simple problems via text, email, or secure video.

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