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Building Relationships

Enjoying the Journey

What is DPC?

Direct, personal, easy
access to your family doctor
for one low monthly fee.

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How does it work?

Sign up.
Meet your doctor.
Enjoy fantastic care.

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What does it cover?

Medical care for the whole family:
Holistic approach designed to optimize your health.

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Enjoy the

Let us travel with you on your wellness journey! Our services start at birth and go through every stage of life.  We have the experience necessary to guide your course, no matter where it takes you. We can help you avoid barriers and navigate rough waters. Our goal is to be your constant companion in your healthcare journey.


  • Pay a flat monthly rate for custom Medical service.
  • No co-pays.
  • No deductibles.
  • Deeply discounted rates for labs, X-rays, CT scans, MRI’s, Ultrasound, and Pathology.
  • Avoid ERs with Same-day/next-day visits.
  • Cost effective solutions for medications.


  • Extended, relaxed visits
  • No limits to frequency of visits
  • Comprehensive care for the entire family
  • Free urgent visits.
  • Handle simple problems via text, email, or secure video

Cut Complexities/Confusion:

  • No dealing with the confusing strategies of insurance companies.
  • No copays or additional charges for most treatments and procedures performed in the clinic.
  • Transparent pricing

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Discover how easy the journey to better health can be.