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Physicians who treat you like family and not just a number.
00:46 31 Mar 22
Dr. Sanders listens to the patient, explains what he’s going to do, and explains the reasons why he’s taking that approach. It’s great!
16:11 17 Jun 18
Dr. John Sanders is great! We have saved SOOOO much money since switching to him and a Christian health share. AND we get way better care. #Nobrainer!
21:57 10 Jan 19
Highly recommend Dr. Sanders. I have a family of 4 young boys and feels like we are always needing Dr. Sander’s services. He is always kind, knowledgeable as helpful with my family. Lastly, his services are a great value and I only wish I knew about his practice sooner.
14:45 16 Jan 19
Dr. Sanders is amazing. He takes the time to answer questions or concerns. My son got a second degree burn and on Father’s Day I had reached out to Dr. Sanders and he was quick to send out a prescription and give instructions on how to treat it. He really cares about his patients and I would absolutely recommend Voyage!
15:17 22 Jun 21
18:12 14 Sep 21
We absolutely LOVE Dr Sanders. He truly cares for his patients, is a good listener, will discuss symptoms by phone with you, and will even make a house visit if needed. In addition, he can save you a TON of money in medical expenses. Truly a fantastic Doctor!!
20:50 25 Jan 19
We are so grateful for an awesome doctor who is there for our family in an emergency.
I cannot recommend Dr. John Sanders and his unique business model, Voyage Direct Primary Care, enough. We’ve had the same pediatrician for all our boys all these years and we do love him, but medical insurance and high deductibles has become such a huge problem in our society that I feel like we don’t always seek the care we need when we have a high deductible looming over our head.
Dr. Sanders offers unlimited monthly access to a family doctor for one low monthly fee and it has been a game changer for our family. Especially with our youngest who has been so sick so many times in the last year, they are practically best friends now. If you have a high deductible insurance plan like we do, or just are tired of crazy high premiums, look him up, you will be so glad you did.
15:08 07 May 19
Dr John Sanders is an amazing doctor and incredible person with great understanding of the human body, accurate diagnosis and effective treatment regimes. I would recommend him without hesitation to anyone seeking an excellent doctor who is also open to alternative methods as well. Finally I found a doctor I can openly talk to who actually understands people and their conditions! He really listens, knows what you are describing, "gets it!", makes an accurate diagnosis and treats it.
17:29 16 Apr 19
Dr. Sanders finally made me feel heard. After years of different doctors and unnecessary exams and still no answers I was left feeling hopeless. Dr. Sanders was so personable and I didn’t feel rushed whatsoever. He listened to all of my concerns and explained everything in a way that made sense. I finally feel like I have a doctor on my side who is really looking to get to the root of the problem, which is so important to me! I also love all of the transparency, which you normally never get in a typical doctors office. I can’t recommend Dr. Sanders and his staff enough!
22:12 13 Oct 20
Dr. Sanders will bend over backwards to help you, as a medical professional I can say he is highly skilled, very knowledgeable and willing to dig deep if things aren’t adding up. He takes care of my family and I cannot say enough good about our experience.
20:40 22 Jan 19
Dr Sanders has a bedside manner that is wonderful and makes my whole family feel comfortable and relaxed. We love Voyage Direct Primary Care!
03:24 11 Jan 19
Dr Sanders has been an amazing Doctor for our family. I love his passion for our well being. I love that I can call and speak with him direct, or that he will respond to me by text if I send him a text instead. He goes out of his way to make his practice feel like a small town practice, yet he is a fantastic doctor. What initially sold me on him what his business model designed to save his clients money. The rest has been an added bonus. I highly recommend him.
17:05 05 Jun 18
I had the best experience at Voyage DPC. I normally don't like doctors and haven't had a primary care physician in almost 9 years. John was very informative and listened to all of my concerns. I felt like John really cared about helping me get to my best health and tries to use multiple methods of medicine that work best for me. John was willing to talk through all of my questions and educate me on my own health. I look forward to working with John, and I am glad to say that I finally found a doctor that I look forward to seeing.
03:34 18 May 18
Dr. Sanders is just simply amazing and makes you feel comfortable and heard and takes excellent care of you. I and and my family are so grateful for him and his team 💜
20:03 25 Nov 21
Dr. Sanders is the best!
22:21 09 Feb 22
Great experience
03:52 15 Jul 19
Dr Sanders and his staff are awesome! My husband and I have a very high deductible so basically did not have a family doctor. Dr Sanders is addressing many issues that I did not know I had. He is very kind and knowledgeable and really listens. I highly recommend Dr John Sanders!!
04:01 02 Jul 20
Dr. John and Dr. Mitchell along with the whole office is simply amazing! Best decision we made for health care! Voyager is changing the way Healthcare works. One monthly fee and we have 24/7 access to our doctor....no insurance needed! So awesome!
21:58 16 Sep 21
I can't give Dr. Sanders enough praise. I had a bit of a medical emergency today, (Saturday) and he was there for me. He came into the office and performed a medical procedure with such patience and precision. I wish all doctors were like him. Now I know that I don't have to go to the ER every time we have a minor emergency. I highly recommend him. A. Escalante
20:07 28 Jul 18
Our family loves Doctor Sanders. He is very responsive to every question, saving us both time and money from unnecessary emergency room visits. It's so nice to be able to text a photo of my daughter's weird skin rash and get a prompt answer as to whether she needs to be seen or not. He provides a personal touch, knows each family member and definitely cares about his patients. This is what health care should be!
16:53 04 Jan 21
We love dr Sanders he is so good with our three girls and very knowledgeable about family medicine. The direct primary care system is amazing I can text, FaceTime or get a last minute appointment if my kids are really sick and I’m not worried about how crazy expensive it will be to see the dr. Seriously it’s been the smartest decision our family has made for our healthcare.
17:06 30 Dec 18
Amazing concept it’s been fun to watch this all come together from concept to running business. Have so many people that share how he has helped them in their family every week!
16:45 17 Jun 19
My wife and I have been very pleased by the personalized medical care we have received. Dr. Sanders’s expertise and recommendations have been exactly what we needed. It is refreshing to have medical care where we can get what we need and feeling that our provider is part of our team to stay healthy. We highly recommend Dr Sanders to be your Family Doctor. Take a look at the type of medical care he provides. It is affordable and personalized.
19:05 22 Aug 18
Both Drs Sanders and Mitchell are great doctors. They are compassionate and caring but also honest and straight forward. They take good care of our family and it is such a relief to know we can call them whenever we need. They were able to diagnose a long-time medical problem that other providers were stumped by. No more looking up co-pays and deductibles and wondering if it's worth it to go in, or wait and see. They also text and call when appropriate so if I have a quick question I don't have to call the office and make an appointment. It's also good to see that they are passing on this way of "doctoring" to medical students who are sometimes there to watch and learn.
16:57 19 Aug 21
I have to give a shout out to Dr. John Sanders of Voyage Direct Primary Care. He was attentive and actually listened to my health concerns and is working with me to understand my wellness and get healthier.
02:14 09 Feb 19
Dr. Sanders is more than just a Doctor. He is a person you can actually have a conversation with. He listens and he offers not owned medical remedies, but also alternative options. He is a Doctor who actually wants to help - and more than that, he goes out of his way to help anyone in need. I have never before experienced a medical relationship with the doctor like I have with Dr. Sanders. He seriously cares and is approachable with whatever concerns you have about your health. A few days ago I called his number and got his voicemail but did not leave a message. Within a few minutes I got a text that asked “what’s up Cecilia what can I help you with”. I was blown away - never ever before has the doctor responded to me like this. When I first met Dr. Sanders, 90% of my body was covered in an awful rash due to an allergic reaction. My daughter is a patient of Dr. Sanders and she texted him to find out how I can be helped. 20 minutes later Dr Sanders walked into my office, consulted with me, and prescribed the correct treatment suitable for my condition. That was the first time I met him and was stunned by his care and professionalism. He seriously is a doctor with an amazing difference.
20:39 10 Jan 21
I love Dr. Sanders and his team. He is very knowledgeable and spends the time needed with his patients to address their health!
17:10 22 Jun 21
I'm so glad we found Dr. Sanders! This is the first time in about 15 years I feel I can say I have a family doctor! I've been looking for someone that can spend the time required to get to know me and REALLY know how I live so he can effectively diagnose whatever it is I'm dealing with. He's very personable and easy to talk with. He's someone who truly cares about his patients. He'll be our doctor for years to come!The Direct Primary Care model is great because it allows Dr. Sanders the freedom to decide how much time he spends with his patients and how he treats their conditions rather than the insurance providers dictating the process. I love the one monthly fee that covers everything he does in the office; this makes healthcare something that's affordable and actually usable.
15:01 28 Jun 18
Dr. Sanders is the best! He is personal and is someone you want to talk to. He doesn't treat you like your are just another patient, but he becomes your friend when you work with him. I had to get an x-ray on my ankle on very short notice. Dr. Sanders went out of his way to help me set up the appointment and even went and checked on the x-rays with me to make sure everything was ok.
04:13 10 Jul 18
I’m so grateful I was referred here! We’ve been seeing Dr Sanders for a year now. He loves what he does and has set up this system of healthcare to make it affordable to everyone! He is SO good with my kids.

We’ve texted him on weekends when we’ve woken up to a sick kid and he’s called us in between his pickle ball sessions to see what was going on and when needed he has faxed in a prescription on the spot for us! He’s also done video calls and when I experienced severe PPD he was great support and got me the help needed to find healing.
Can’t sing his praises enough! I’ve never had a better Dr!
13:58 20 Sep 19
Dr. Sanders is such a great doctor! My family and I literally waited and counted the days until his new practice was open so we could join. You won’t find a more caring and helpful doctor anywhere!! 🙂
15:53 28 Jun 18
Dr. Sanders and his team always take great care of my family in all our medical needs. You can tell he cares a great deal about his patients. It’s nice too because appointments are 30 minutes long instead of the usual 10-15 min. like other medical offices. It’s also very affordable. Highly recommend.
21:53 09 Jun 21
I want to give a shout out to the world's greatest and most caring Doctor. How many of you have been personally driven to the emergency room by your primary care physician? I'm betting not many. And while it's certainly not part of his routine care, I can't say how grateful I am that Dr. John Sanders was so willing to go above and beyond when I needed it. As I battled a miserable kidney infection a month ago, Dr Sanders checked up on me frequently, and when I took a turn for the worse, he drove to my house and after seeing signs that concerned him, he drove me to the ER, checked me in, went over my issues thoroughly with the ER Doc, and followed up extensively after I came home from the hospital the next day. I can't say enough good about this man! Signing up for Voyage DPC is honestly one of the best decisions we’ve ever made.
02:36 02 Apr 19
Direct Primary Care is a great option for proactive and preventative care that is affordable. There staff at Voyage does a great job of taking care of patients in a timely manner while also not rushing you.
13:21 02 Jun 20
I have been able to text and talk with Dr. Sanders without having to make appointments. I absolutely love the care and convenience he offers. He was so quick to call me and talk about my concerns and answering any questions I had. I am so happy with the service he offers.
17:05 31 May 18
Dr. Sanders is so knowledgeable and caring and changed the way I feel about going to the doctor. He is a breath of fresh air and really takes his time with his patients. My first appointment was an hour and a half long from me asking multiple concerning health questions, and Dr. Sanders responding with detailed and thoughtful answers. After years of experiencing the quick 3-10 minute doctor visits that never really figure out the ROOT problem. I also love that he doesn’t just try to put a band aid on the issue and attack one issue with medication, he is very knowledgeable about implementing lifestyle changes in diet, exercise, and improving your overall health. I’d give him a 10/10 and look forward to taking my family to him for years to come.
03:11 13 Aug 20
Hands down in all my years have I NEVER had such great care and service like I have from the Doctors at Voyage! I go to Dr. Mitchell and he genuinely cares about people and their health. They follow-up as well. I feel like I’m getting the care people did back in the day. That is lost today, but not at Voyage. I refer everyone now to them!
05:17 07 Feb 22
This has been hands down the best decision ive made for my health. Dr. Sanders and his entire team is excellent and I feel cared for, listened to, and supported through my journey to be as healthy as possible!The care you receive from every single person in this office is amazing!
22:01 30 Apr 22
Unbelievable he saved my son from an awe visit within 1 hour of our phone call before my son had even finished the enrollment process. He goes above and behond😇
19:19 09 May 19
My daughter as in search of great people to help her with her medical needs and I am ever so grateful that she found Dr. Sanders. I am 61 years young and a recovery open heart surgery patient. I can tell you this, I have never in my life felt more genuinely cared for by any Doctor I have ever seen. Don't be fooled by his down to earth personality! His knowledge and understanding is off the charts (no pun intended)! You feel welcomed and cared for the minute you walk through the door, because he has surrounded himself with a like-minded staff! I am very blessed to have found him and I share this info with every single person I know! You can't go wrong with this group! Char
22:46 09 Jun 21
Dr. Mitchell always takes the time to make me feel like I’m his only patient. Completely different experience at Voyage than I’ve had with healthcare before.
00:50 26 Apr 22
Dr. Sanders has been so wonderful working with our family. He has a huge medical knowledge base and spends time with you. It's been so nice to get have him because he actually spends time with us regarding our medical needs. So much better compared to the 3 minute visits we are used to with other doctors. Our last interaction he helped our daughter with a cut on her finger. He's as good with kids as he is with adults. Awesome doctor and awesome person. Wish I could give him better than 5 out 5 stars.
15:33 24 Sep 19
I was positively surprised by how knowledgeable Dr. Mitchell is regarding the human body. He is an advocate for the natural medicine, and he skillfully and gently adjusts our misalignments in spine and neck. He has also helped my oldest with her sprained ACL. We’re happy patients!
19:27 02 Jun 21
A long long time ago in practicing medicine. You had Doctors that actually cared about you and your health care. There was a personal touch to your care. You weren’t rushed out of an appointment so they could get to the next person. Dr. Sanders has brought back the personal touch and care. He mixes it with modern technology. He is one of a kind. A rare gem that I am so thankful for. My family has received and continues to receive amazing care from Dr. Sanders. I recommend him and at the same time I don’t. Because I want him all to myself.
14:02 20 Sep 19
A long long time ago in practicing medicine. You had Doctors that actually cared about you and your health care. There was a personal touch to your care. You weren’t rushed out of an appointment so they could get to the next person. Dr. Sanders has brought back the personal touch and care. He mixes it with modern technology. He is one of a kind. A rare gem that I am so thankful for. My family has received and continues to receive amazing care from Dr. Sanders. I recommend him and at the same time I don’t. Because I want him all to myself.
01:58 16 Oct 20
Went in for tennis elbow and he had me fixed up in no time.
17:01 05 Sep 18
I’m very skeptical of most doctors and some of their less-than-honest motives. Dr. Sanders, however, has demonstrated a rare amount of integrity in his practice. His ideas about medical care are ideas I hope spread throughout the entire field.
20:36 10 Nov 19
I’m incredibly grateful for the level of care I receive by the whole team at Voyage Direct Primary Care. It’s a breath of fresh air to be able to have real conversations that go beyond just the physical. I feel that my whole being is of concern and it comes through in all aspects of the care I receive.When Dr. Sanders was away, I was able to text Dr. Mitchell and we came up with a plan for an upcoming procedure. I love the accessibility to be able to have quick email or text exchanges that save us all a lot of time. I can’t recommend this practice highly enough.
03:06 29 Mar 21
Dr Sanders is the kindest and most caring doctor! Everyone should have a dr like him! He took care of my son when he needed stitches on a Sunday night at 9:00 pm without hesitation. He dropped whatever he was doing to give us his time and expertise, which was so appreciated, otherwise I would have had to drive 20+ minutes away to an instacare and then wait there for at least 2 hours I’m sure. Dr Sanders’ Voyage Direct Primary Care is awesome! Definitely go see him!
15:13 20 Aug 19
We have loved having Dr. Sanders as our family doctor. Just this weekend he helped me over the phone (at night even) with some concerns I had with our youngest. He called to check up on us the next day as well. It's nice having an actual Family Doctor again.
20:28 11 Feb 19
Voyage Direct Primary Care has made such a huge difference in our lives. It’s so affordable and it’s incredible to have that level of care. We can get help at anytime we need it and with a family of eight we need help all the time. Thanks Dr. Sanders! We love you guys!
03:08 17 Mar 22
I took both my daughter & husband to Dr. Sanders. He went above and beyond in the care of them both, he even did some research with a question we had & called later with the answer. He is very compassionate & kind.
01:56 16 Oct 20
Dr. Sanders is seriously the BEST doctor I've ever seen. I went in because I was exhausted, couldn't sleep, felt stressed and couldn't lose weight. He took the time to go through everything and all my concerns, and came up with a wellness plan for me. Within a few months, after sticking to our plan, I now sleep so much better, feel WAY healthier, and I've lost nearly 20 pounds. I went from in the worst health of my life to the best, and it's all thanks to Dr. Sanders. I seriously cannot recommend him enough. I know it sounds cheesy but he changed my life.
19:58 06 Sep 18
Dr. Sanders called us as soon as he heard of us needing his help. It didn't matter that it was a Saturday and even met with us on a Sunday, near our home. I didn't think doctors like him existed anymore. He has been a miracle brought to us to help us when we needed it most. The only regret we have is not finding him sooner. I have hope again, knowing he will always be available for any of our needs. The pricing could not be better but the peace of mind we have now is simply priceless. Highly recommended to everyone who wants to have not just a doctor but a friend care for their health needs. He is knowledgeable but also personable. He listens and truly care about helping his patients. May God bless him and his family for the work they are all doing for this community!
05:29 30 Nov 21
08:51 24 Oct 19
Dr Sanders is amazing! I’ve been searching for a dr like him for years. He is prompt, efficient, thorough, and caring. He listens and evaluates what you are telling him. I love that he is knowledgeable in both Eastern and Western medicine ♥️♥️
16:16 10 Sep 18
Awesome business model, and awesome doctor. This is the best experience we've had with healthcare in quite some time!
19:34 08 Feb 19
Love Dr Sanders and his staff. Hands down the best doctor I've ever went to. Very personable and super easy to talk to. Thanks!!
18:19 15 Jun 21
Dr. Sanders is THE BEST!
23:40 30 Sep 20
Being self employed, Dr. Sanders has been a life saver!
20:33 15 Jul 19
Dr. Sanders was wonderful! Is it possible to make a physical an enjoyable experience for a teen? I didn’t think so until meeting Dr. Sanders! Professional, thorough and light hearted.
12:57 22 Jul 19
Dr. Sanders & his staff are very professional and take the time listen to your concerns. I don't feel like another "number" in this office, I feel like an individual who is valued and heard. This is what healthcare should look like, without the worry of third party companies (insurance) which drives a wedge between the doctor-patient relationship.
02:35 22 Jan 20
Dr. Sanders, it's the best! He always makes time for my family and is readily available, whenever needed to offer help, advice and service's. I trust him as a doctor and I'm grateful for Voyage Direct Primary Care. It's a life saver.
15:40 09 Mar 20
03:00 18 Feb 21
dr Sanders is so great. He listens to your concerns and is always so helpful and understanding. voyage direct is the best investment we have made.
09:58 20 Jul 19
02:51 29 Apr 21
It is so nice having a family doctor that is knowledgeable and that really cares about your family.
20:32 11 Feb 19
Well when he walked in I had thought I know this guy from somewhere. Well turns out I did . Best experience with doc that I have had ever. Thanks again Dr. John Sanders and staff.
19:48 13 Jul 20
Dr. Sanders and his team are the most professional health care experts in the field available today. There's no hidden third party (health insurance) tampering with the system that needs to be placated, simply a patient and an expert working together. This is the most ideal healthcare I've ever experienced.
14:43 19 Mar 20
I love this model- DPC's are the future of healthcare! I rarely saw a doctor despite having great insurance coverage. It was always difficult to get in when I needed (usually had several day wait) and even once I had an appointment, I never had more than about 15 minutes of the doctors time. Even still, I'd end up paying a co-pay on the spot and have to wait for my insurance to bill me weeks later for things they decided they didn't want to cover..... SO frustrating! I would always wait until something was very serious before even considering trying to get in to see my previous doctor. With Dr. Sanders, you can obtain an appointment same day and will have as much time with the Doctor as you need. Now minor things aren't a big deal and I don't need to wait for them to get worse before going in. No co-pays! Pre-negotiated and fair pricing on all labs (no wondering about what insurance will pay and then what you'll have to cover later)! One low monthly fee and I get expert advise and top-notch care from a Doctor who is genuine, authentic and progressive. I highly recommend making the switch to a DPC and, if you're lucky enough to live in the Wasatch Front, go see Dr Sanders!
17:11 21 May 18
Dr Sanders is an amazing Dr. He truly cares about his patients. He talks to you and helps you understand what is going on and works with you to get the best outcome.
05:05 11 Jan 19
I have to give a shout out to Dr. John Sanders of Voyage Direct Primary Care. He was attentive and actually listened to my health concerns and is working with me to understand my wellness and get healthier.
02:20 09 Feb 19