Enjoy the Journey

Let me travel with you on your wellness journey! My services start at birth and go through every stage of life. I have the experience necessary to guide your course, no matter where it takes you. I can help you avoid barriers and navigate rough waters. My goal is to be your constant companion in your healthcare journey.
After completing a dual accredited family medicine residency program in Florida, I moved to Moab, Utah where I spent six years taking care of a sweet, small town. I provided services in emergency, obstetric, pediatric, osteopathic, dermatologic, and ambulatory medicine. I also enjoyed time on the sidelines of the local high school providing sports medicine support.
Over the course of my career, I’ve noticed that insurance and the government continue to add complexities, cost, and confusion to the delivery of healthcare to American families. Not surprisingly, as complexities increase, my ability to spend time with my patients and deliver the care I desire has decreased. This situation has prompted me to offer families a new model of care called Direct Primary Care (DPC).
I created Voyage DPC as a way to “cut out the middle-man” and allow me to care for people directly, without the barriers of the current model. When you join, you can wave goodbye to co-pays, co-insurances, and high deductibles. You won’t have to wonder if medications, labs, or procedures will be “covered,” or how much they’ll cost. Whether you’re a young family, a seasoned veteran, or a corporation, your savings and care will improve with Voyage DPC.